Music collaboration
for Mac and Windows. 

Create a workspace and exchange stems
or any kind of file with your group.

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Runs on Windows and Mac

AudioBin gives you the freedom to use the Operating System you like.

Mobile Friendly

Very soon you'll be able to listen to your projects on iOS and Android.

Pay Per Use Only

Pay only for the storage space you use. You will be sent a monthly bill.

You only pay when you use it !

AudioBin helps you cut down production costs by providing you with a flexible pay as you go pricing schedule. AudioBin will invoice you every month, only for what you use.

You are responsible for the files your collaborators upload to your projects.

Once you're done with the project, you either archive it at a low low cost, or you simply delete the project, which will zero out your bill.

Countdown to Launch

AudioBin will be available soon !


AudioBin launches October 4th 2018                    

AudioBin helps you cut down production time by providing you with a simple desktop app with a drag and drop interface.


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