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Instant Recorder

Record all the inputs on your system at once

Record all inputs

Instant Recorder can record all audio and MIDI data coming into your computer, even using aggregates.

Basic mixing capabilities

Create a basic mix of your audio inputs or keep all channels muted while mixing in your favourite DAW.

Runs concurrently with DAW

Make a safety copy of your recording session in the background, making sure no sound or MIDI is left behind.

Pure Simplicity

The goal was to make an exquisitely simple recording app.
If something interesting is happening in the studio, start the app and click record.
It will be recorded in full quality. Hit stop and your files are ready to use in any DAW.

Click Record and you're done

The Instant Recorder
(by AudioBin) automatically arms all the input channels of the selected audio card, as well as all the MIDI inputs in the system.


Upload your session

Quickly upload the stems of your recording session using AudioBin Xchange, and share your files with anyone.

Get the AudioBin Recorder for Mac now.

Windows version available soon !


Share your music project files with the members of your group

Runs on Windows and Mac

AudioBin gives you the freedom to use the Operating System you like. 

Keeping it simple

Group your projects by artist and by album, or any grouping you like. We made it simple.

In-app purchase

The app is free for people collaborating with you, and you pay for an affordable storage fee. 


Simplicity first

Categorize your projects any way you like, and add any type of file to your projects. PDF music charts, zipped files, you name it.
Audio and Video stems can be played in sync while you choose which track you want to hear.

(Coming out soon ! Now in Beta testing.)

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